Galapagos Art Space, New York 1999

Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln 1997

Künstlerhaus Dortmund 1998

Galerie Objektiv, Köln 1996


CineCorpse ist ein Film/e-mail-Kommunkationsprojekt zwischen Hermann Feldhaus (New York) und Achim Mohné (Köln). Beide Autoren belichten Teile von Doppel 8/16 mm Filmen, die dann in die jeweils andere Stadt verschickt und vom anderen weiterbelichtet werden. Die Themen der Filme bestimmen sich aus dem e-mail-Austausch der beiden Künstler. Die Filme werden als Installation mit 5-10 gleichzeitig laufenden Projektoren vorgeführt. Sie laufen als 35 Meter lange Schlaufen durch den Installationsraum. Der Besucher bewegt sich innerhalb der Filmskulptur. CineCorpse definiert sich als Medium zwischen Film und Fotografie.

CineCorpse is a joint projectbetween Cologne (Achim Mohne´) and New York (Hermann Feldhaus), using film and computers. It stems from the Surrealist idea of the "Cadavre Exquisite". Cine Corpse does not work with drawings or poetry, but with double 8 mm film. Both authors expose only sections of a 100 ft roll of film, which is then send to New York or Cologne, where the second author finishes the roll. As we present the film (which is usally intended to be split) as 16 mm projection, both authors´theses (4 pictures at one time) can be seen simultaneously and be synthisezed by the viewer as "one film". We communicate by sending information about the films in form of text, drawings, photographs via internet. Up to this point CineCorpse has been running for 2 years, comprising of 20 films and 250 pages of e-mail.The presentation of the films are not planed linearly, but with 5-10 projectors, which are connected to the e-mails via interface, running at the same time.The visitor is able to follow the complex connection between different films and texts this way. Analogical to the cybernetic principle of the project the 16 mm loops going in all direction through the installation room. The visitor is located inside this filmsculpture.