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For Neuer Norden Zürich 750 square meters of the Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in the alpine region and a warning symbol of the ice melt has been transferred in the form of an aerial photograph (shot during a balloon ride) on the roof of Swiss television SRF, from where the daily weather forecast is broadcasted to the nation. Printed on PVC sheeting, the gravel-covered flat roof in Zurich's north is turned into a white statement against climate change. A white roof absorbs about 80% less light than a dark roof and acts as an effective weapon against increasing global warming. After the exhibition the banner will be recycled.
Many thanks to the Hlballon team: Astrid Gerhardt, Hilmar Lorenz, Patrik Schmidle, Markus Bütikofer.


Printed Polyester-Folie, 25 x 30 Meter, 2018


Exhibition catalogues:
Neuer Norden Zürich, 2018,

Neuer Norden Zürich, Zürich, 2018