And it could have been dead

The Tapeworm presents…

Achim Mohné
And it could have been dead…

A1: How to Use This Cassette, A2: Widerverwendung, A3: All I Have Ever Listened To, A4: Immer Wieder – B1: Once Upon A Time They  All Lived Happily Ever After, B2: Syntactical Swap, B3: Tapeworm Infection.

Cassette comes in a limited edition of 150! Get your copy now at the touch shop:


This cassette is a product of The Tapeworm. The Tapeworm is a cassette-only label.

Illustration – "The Tapewyrm Will Drive Out Any Stuck Up Turd With Fragrant Sound!" (2011), starring Pooman, by Ewoud van Rijn.

Achim Mohné experiments with the space and time intervals of media, photography, video, digital image production, as well as with sound. His experiments bring to light the surprising uses that lie dormant in todays technology. For The Tapeworm, Achim focussed on audiotape itself: as material, as body, as signifier and as sculpture. Some notes on the sources and methods used to create “And It Could Have Been Dead…” follow:

A1 mixed from a 1982 Blaupunkt instruction cassette for tape recorder. A2 mixed from "MediaRecycling", a live performance at  Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst (GAK) Bremen, 1999 – edited in 2011. A3  mixed from "Sozialisationsmusik", live performance at Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, 1997 – edited in 2011. A4: hand-operated cassette recorder. B1: fairy-tale cassettes/hand operated cassette  recorder. B2: cassette recorder and turntable. B3: beginnings and endings of The Tapeworm cassettes, #01-#34.



And it could have been dead, Achim Mohné, Cassette / The Tapeworm, London, 2011