California and Nevada Desert 2000

Fireflies is a mobile installation that was installed in different localities in southern California. The beam of light from a highly focused cinema spotlight was projected into the countryside, whereby the cylindrical beam ended after 30 meters in a matt black parabolic mirror. Dust from the dry desert, drops of rain and fog, pollen or insects attracted by the light entered the spotlight beam and were brought to illumination. The movements in the light beam, whether generated by outside factors like the wind or, in the case of the insects, self-produced, was documented, per video and still camera, and projected live and greatly enlarged onto a screen. The videos show in long shots the rhythmic movements of the objects within the beam. The still photos "collect time" and show the sequence of movements as tracks.

Installation: Spotlight, Digicam, Beamer, Generator
- Prints Diasec 80 x 120 cm


- Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst Bremen (GAK) 2001
- Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe 2002
- Off Broadway Cinema Cologne (with Denzel + Huhn) 2003
- Galerie Schmidt Maczollek Köln (with Denzel + Huhn) 2005
- Shedhalle Zürich Swiss 2010

- Achim Mohné, Fireflies, 2000, published by Kunstsalon Cologne
- Iconoclash, 2002, published by Peter Weibel und Bruno Latur, The MIT Press