Music for Vinyl and Turntables

"Music for Vinyl and Turntables" by Achim Mohné is based on unmodulated, "empty" endless grooves of vinyl records. It is the imperfections, disturbances and wear and tear specific to the equipment and the medium which, in variable combinations, give rise to filigree spinning sounds during the scanning process, up to flickeringly repetitive or noisy, strongly condensed layers of sound. Sound-archaeologically and media-historically oriented projects are also a central aspect of Stephan Mathieu's work. The sonic transformation of obsolete media from the early phase of sound carrier technology or the use of forgotten and rare instruments characterizes several of his works. In addition to his solo releases, Stephan Mathieu has worked with numerous greats of the international experimental and electronic scene, such as David Sylvian, Kassel Jaeger, Akira Rabelais, Ekkehard Ehlers, Janek Schaefer, Taylor Deupree, Christian Fennesz (among others).



Achim Mohné | Reihe M

"Reihe M" Achim Mohné / Stephan Mathieu on 9.10.2021 / 8 p.m. Old Fire Station, Cologne