DI_GI_TA_LIS. An overview of the performative series, which started in 2000.
A “poetry of the technical” in art at the interface of device, interface and intermediality.


In The_Vegan_Scanning_Cooking_Printing_Project, the artist is dedicated to the ethical and ecological aspects of a vegan diet and brings visitors closer to the culinary richness of an animal-free cuisine. Meat consumption contributes more to global warming than all global air, ground and shipping traffic combined. More than 50 percent of the climate impact derives from the consumption of meat and other animal products. A diet that avoids or reduces animal products is therefore "active climate protection". In a medial cooking performance seasonal vegetables, salads, fruits and other plants are scanned with high resolution and the food is then processed by chefs into vegan dishes. Simultaneously with the preparation of the vegetables by the cooks, the digital data are processed in the computer, printed out as modern still lifes and presented in the exhibition space as unique pieces in museum series.

The_Vegan_Scanning_Cooking_Printing_Project thus follows the last major project by Achim Mohné on the forecourt of the Bundeskunsthalle. With the work 0,0064 MEGAPIXEL — Planet Earth Is Blue And There Is Nothing I Can’t Do the world-famous NASA shot of the Apollo 8 from the year 1968 was subdivided into over 6000 pixels and reproduced from colored concrete blocks on the forecourt. A symbol of environmental and climate protection, an indication of the fragility of our "blue planet", which goes back to space through satellite images and 50 years after taking it around the world again.


Media performance with scanners and objects


Exhibition catalogues:
Essentials # 12 Magazin der Galerie Judith Andreae, Bonn 2018

Solo Exhibition at Galery Judith Andreae, Bonn Germany, May 5th – Jun 23rd 2018